A French woman and personal life coach's outlook on self-confidence, communication, and relationships. How to gain and manage them to get what and who you deserve.

Facts are facts. What gives them a color is the way you envision, thus handle them.

Your thoughts and beliefs seldom match the reality. When they are negative, they prevents you from enjoying the present. Even worse, when you believe today is worse than yesterday, then you’re more prone to believe tomorrow will be worse than today.

So, here is a link to help you put things in perspective :


When you expect the worse to happen, you demotivate yourself, thinking and believing you will not succeed because the situation will systematically go against you. Therefore, it is likely you will fail.
Not because it will actually be against you, but because you won’t be able to see the opportunity in the mist, even less to catch it. You will give up even before you begin.

Whereas when you truly believe things are improving, or don’t doubt they will, then your attitude changes. You become more confident and self-confident, thus more energetic, motivated and active. You take moves and become convincing and enthusiastic. It is infectious, people around you start to follow and support you. And, before you realize it, you’ve made it. :)

You may not have direct power over the facts, you have direct power over yourself though. Your mindset, beliefs and thoughts influences the outcome of any situation.
Pasteur said : “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” ;)

Why spoil your life expecting the worse when, actually and objectively, 90% of the time, the worse doesn’t happen? Looking back, you then realize you’ve wasted time and energy worrying about something which has not been, instead of focusing on what you actually could do to prepare a brighter future by working on the present.

It is true in every areas of life. Go to a date thinking this man can’t possibly like a girl like you, although he may, you will dismiss him. Go to a job interview sure in advance they won’t hire you, although the employer appreciates your résumé, your attitude will convince him you’re just not right for the job. Etc… This is called “self-sabotage”.

So, when you feel low and unmotivated, OBJECTIVELY consider FACTS and PUT them IN PERSPECTIVE. It will help you relativize.
This advice is from a single mother who once found herself alone, jobless, homeless out of the hospital after heavy surgery and gained it all back because she simply could do that. :)

The situation is never as dramatic as you may think and there is hope as long as you can stay in the right mindset to spot the opportunities, take chances and make the best of them. :)


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