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It looks times are changing… According to this survey, most women now cherish their independence and “personal space” more than men, when more men than women show a desire for commitment and connection and a neediness for a relationship.
Yet past 35 years old, the attraction for freedom widely outpasses the desire to marry and it increases with age.

“Men and women are looking for similar assets and are not judging a potential partner on the basis of gender-related traits — that a woman is looking for a paycheck object or a man is looking for a sex object,” she says. “They’re both looking for the whole package, more so than in the past.” (Kathleen Gerson, sociology professor at New York University)


How do you feel about this ? Does it reflect your reality ? Can you relate to this ?


Comments on: "Are men and women switching relationship expectations?" (5)

  1. Sure, as I sometimes tell my partner : “If I were with you for your money, I would be with someone else.” ;)
    And guess what, it doesn’t even make him happy ;)

  2. BTW, I’m glad he never had the idea to answer: “If I were with you for sex…” haha

  3. Men and Women switching relationship expectations: I don’t know about the trend. I feel myself, after many years of my relationship experiences, I look for more values in a relationship then I used too.

    • Dot Rose said:

      Hello Pennie ! By “more value”, do you mean “the whole package” ?

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